Here's what just a few of our customers are saying about our adult birds and our service.


Here's what just a few of our customers are saying about our adult birds and our service.
  • "The only thing better than Gisi's high quality pheasants is their great service!"

    Kurt Letellier Land & Game Manager, Sutton Bay
  • "Gisi Pheasant Farms is one of the reasons pheasant hunting in South Dakota has remained such a big part of the state."

    Anonymous Pierre, South Dakota
  • "We've been extremely satisfied with Gisi's Birds, even our hunters say they're the best birds!"

    George Kessler Owner | Big Shot Pheasant Fields, Cresbard, South Dakota
  • "I have been buying pheasants exclusively from Gisi Pheasant Farms for more than ten years and could not be happier with the great service they provide or the quality of their birds. To tell you that I 'like' their birds is an understatement! I have been in the upland bird guiding business since 1975 and for much of that time I have been buying and releasing pheasants in an effort to supplement both my wild bird (breeding) population and the roosters available to be harvested by hunters. In the early years I bought birds from many different sources and much to my disappointment found that the birds that I was buying were neither helping my year-in and year-out population nor were they very well suited to be used as 'sporting' birds. Many times the bird vendors would deliver birds that were either weak and deteriorated (and looking the part) or overly fat and unable to perform (and looking the part). The problems with those birds were that they were not acclimated to living 'wild' in natural conditions. They could not or would not fly well (what earthly good is a pheasant that isn't a strong flyer?), they had no fear of man nor beast so they stood around in open areas and never in cover (so the predators ate the ones that didn't get run over on the road or shot by road hunters), and having been fed commercial feed all their lives these sorry pen raised birds had no idea what natural feed was (so most of them no doubt starved in the wild!)   Although I never quit trying, releasing birds from the many poorly managed bird farms (even the "big name" breeder) was an effort in futility not to mention a huge waste of my money. In 1993 I was contemplating putting a stop to my releasing of birds, especially when the breeder I had been doing business with for years came up drastically short on pheasants available for sale (I thought poor birds were better than none, though now I know better). That's when I made my first call to Gisi (I don't think they were called Gisi Pheasant Farms then?). What a change in attitude I have had about released birds! Ever since I have been getting Gisi's birds, life for this old pheasant guide is good. Gisi's birds are strong and healthy (and look the part), they are excellent flyers (equal to our wild birds), they seek out, hide in, and use cover to their advantage (to stay alive), and they eat what all wild birds eat (whatever's available). Gisi's pheasants are everything a released pheasants should be. I have a story I tell anyone who wants to know about the quality of Gisi's pheasants. In my 28 years of guiding, I have guided many hunters, and over the years my dogs have retrieved more birds than I could ever count, so with that in mind, here's my story: In the early days of hunting both wild and released birds I knew, as soon as they flushed and flew 10 feet, if they were wild birds or released birds (if they flew at all!). Now, with Gisi's birds, I cannot tell if they are wild or released until my dog brings the shot birds back to me. Both the wild birds and Gisi's pheasant fly hard and fast, and both look beautiful in flight! What more can I say? PS. Take a trip to Gisi Pheasant Farms and you will soon see why the birds are everything I said they are. (Huge flight pens with plenty of plant cover and natural food.) I'm telling you, "These birds don't know they're not wild!!!"

    Merrill Ellis Diamond Dot Ranch, 1-800-837-8298
  • "Couldn't ask for better birds or better service that what Gisi's provide."

    Sal Roseland Owner | R&R Pheasant Hunting, LLC
  • "Fabulous birds, fabulous service!"

    Paul Nelson Owner | Paul Nelson Farms, Gettysburg, South Dakota
  • "Your birds were great. We couldn't tell them apart from the wild birds in the field."

    Justin Blasius Kimball, South Dakota
  • "We had a great season and Gisi's was a big part of it. I can't say enough about their reliable service and quality."

    Kimball, South Dakota
  • "Gisi Pheasant Farms is the total package. Friendly and reliable service...quality birds and their staff has always been ready and willing to go the extra mile for us."

    Chuck Krause Guide Service